Made Green

Green Materials

100% recycled iron and reused raw materials, like automotive brake drums and rotors, are used to make our wood burning stoves. Even leftover iron scraps from completed models are reused to minimize waste!

Our casting process uses environmentally friendly natural sand and clay to bond the molds for our stoves together rather than an artificial polymer. We use it again and again to help save resources.

Green Power

Our plant runs on 60% hydro power—a renewable and clean resource—and 40% nuclear power, which is also a clean resource.

We even work in partnership with Efficiency Vermont to install highly-efficient lights and motors. We changed all our light bulbs at both the foundry and the plant to T5 fluorescents!

Green Results

Our wood burning stoves lead the industry in efficiency to help reduce fuel costs.

Plus, no wood stove manufacturer can match Vermont Castings’ history of consistently exceeding the EPA’s standards for emissions.