Help Me Choose

What type of hearth product are you looking for?

Choose your desired fuel type:

  • Efficiently heat 1000 sq ft to 3500 sq ft with natural wood.

  • Gas stoves and fireplaces are an effective and economical heating source, and they offer the convenience of instant on/off control.

Choose your desired combustion type:

  • Great for use as a primary heat source, catalytic stoves provide a longer, more even heat output for greater burn efficiency. That means lower fuel costs to heat your home.

  • Stoves with this burn method are easy to operate and maintain and are known for producing beautiful rolling flames.

  • Whether you’re looking for a catalytic stove as a primary heat source or a non-catalytic stove for easy operation, these exclusive two-in-one stoves let you burn in catalytic or non-catalytic mode, based on your preference.

Choose your desired venting style:

  • Eliminate the need for a standard chimney with a seal, specifically designed venting system that draws combustion air from outdoors and exhausts combustion products back outdoors.

  • For many households, efficiency is key. A "vent free" or "unvented" fireplace, stove, or insert eliminates the need for venting by drawing air from inside the home.